Impacts of Digital Trends on Marketing Jobs


Marketing jobs have evolved over the years; from the days when marketers and sales people would go round in shops and streets with their merchandise, looking for buyers, to the times we came to radio, TV, and print marketing, to today when things are being done online. Today, most of the marketing jobs are done digitally, and any business that is yet to embrace this reality risks being greatly outdone by competitors. The digital world is a dynamic one that keeps changing. These changes are what are referred to as digital trends.

digital marketing jobs

How have digital trends impacted marketing jobs?

  • Digital trends drive marketing trends, and not the other way round. Therefore, marketing jobs have had to evolve to fit into the different trends that have been witnessed over the past few years.
  • For instance, some years back, people would mostly access the internet using computers. Today, this trend has changed and people are increasingly relying on mobile phones and other hand held devices to access the internet.
  • Marketers thus have to consider this reality; when designing a website and other online platforms to advance their marketing campaigns, they have to design websites that are friendlier to mobile device users. Today’s websites are mobile friendly; they use bigger text, and are straight to the point since mobile users don’t have the luxury of reading all text in there.
  • Another aspect of digital trends that has impacted marketing jobs is social media. Today, social media is not just a tool for socializing, sharing photos, gossiping, and such like. Rather, more and more people are relying on social media to learn of new products, to review and debate about their experience with a certain brand or product, and so on so forth.
  • Thus marketers have given social media more attention; today, many companies have marketers and customer care teams behind computers 24/7, monitoring pages like Facebook, and engaging customers who use that platform to reach them.
  • Mind you, today, a user interested in your brand or services are more likely to inbox you on Facebook, than pick a phone can dial the number on your Contacts page.
  • Marketing jobs today don’t have to be done directly from an office; as long as one has internet, and a laptop, they can as well do their online marketing right from their homes. A few years backs, this was unthinkable, as one had to be physically present at the location they wished to market their goods or products.


Digital trends will keep on changing as more technological innovations are made. As a marketer, you must keep yourself abreast with these trends so that you remain on top of your game.