How Customer Match Works In Google Adwords?


Adwords Customer match works based on the customer’s data that you share with Google. Adwords will help you to get close to your customers by showing the Ads specifically by targetting the particular people using the database. Google Adwords customer match will help you to increase brand awareness as well.

On youtube, you can reach new audiences, by targeting the audiences similar to your customers in the database. On Gmail, you can target the audiences by showing them the personalized ads at the top of their inbox tabs. When it comes to the search network and the Google shopping, you can optimize your campaign by adjusting the bids based on your customer activities.

How Customer Match Works?

Initially, you will upload the data file containing the customer details to the Google. Then you can create a new campaign or update an existing campaign to target your customer match audience (customers from the uploaded database who are all the Google users).

google ppc customer match

When will the users see your Ads?

The customers in the uploaded database can see your Ad only when they search anything on Google by signing into their Google Account. Google has high security to the customer’s data and they will not reveal it or use it for any other purposes.

Similar Audiences for Youtube and Gmail:

Similar audience targeting is available for the youtube and Gmail which is targeted based on the customer’s data that you share with Google. This similar audience set is automatically created by Google, if your customer match reaches any minimum eligible criteria. You can target a similar audience the same way you’d target a remarketing list by adding it to an ad group in your campaign.

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Using the Adwords API:

Account owners or the administrators can use the Google Adwords API to upload the data files and also to manage the customer match audiences. By using the Google API, Advertisers can upload a data file, add or remove customer data, or edit configurations.

google customer match

Google Adwords is the advertising platform by using which the business people can target their customers based on age, gender, location, etc. In the Google Adwords, you need to pay for Google only if the user clicks on the Ads to visit your business website. As a business people, you can avail digital marketing services to get more quality leads for your business and to increase the conversions as well