Creative design can boost search engine ranks in 2017


This is a topic I did cover on one fo my earlier posts back in March 2017. Read > WHY CREATIVELY DESIGNED SEO WEBPAGES RANKS FASTER?

On that posts, I did mention about going on ranking for the toughest SEO niche consultancy terms and I’ve done it. Just did an experimentation on this page on ClickDo and it’s on the first page this morning for “WordPress training london” and it should move to the top. Many business owners do not agree on creative designs or do not want to spend on it, but they want to still rank on G. That does not work that way. Also, keep in mind when I say creative design it has to be done Kasun Sameera who is the world’s best designer and web architect.

You can see sites he did has gone on dominating the web. Yesterday the ITCC Locksmiths in London agreed to tweak their site and design a world class shop for their website. So you know what will happen when that’s done. Already ITCC Locksmiths are playing a big game in London and this will take them to the elite levels.

Creative-web-design-2017The latest site we working on the creative design is the SCCD teacher training school in London. Great client or ours and we love working with them. Not only the creative design on the website, but we also do the creative social media to create the brand attention and get more eyeballs on the web. Yesterday Janay Harris and Safa Ahmed did a great social media consultancy session at the SCCD Training school.

This is about being creative and building brands that search engines love to place on top spots on their search engines.

Also, we are working on completing the and I believe it will b super duper website. Kasun did the design according to what client asked, however, he did apply all that best codes to get the love from search engines.

The new page we are working on is the SEO Training courses page and soon it should look great and budge to the top. Doing SEO Training and teaching business people how I’ve done and how they can do it, is a great feeling. Last Thursday I was training and employment lawyer at our ClickDo office and he should reach the top of search engines this year.