How To Create A Successful Google Adwords Campaign From The Scratch?


Creating a successful Google Adword campaign is still a challenging task for many business owners. Here are some tips for the business owners and PPC Consultants to build a successful Google Adword campaign right from the scratch.

1. Understand the business needs:

As an initial step gather the spending capabilities of the customer and then act accordingly. Spending more money for the keywords with the very low search volume will not help you in getting conversions. Use the Google keyword planner tool to find the list of potential keywords with the high search volume. Use the automatic bidding strategy to start with. As it will adjust your bid amount based on the daily budget to get you more clicks.

google ppc campaign

2. Streamline the keywords:

When you have selected the list of keywords with high search volume from the Google keyword planner. Streamline the keywords by calculating the average cost per click (CPC). To get more clicks by spending the less cost, choose the keywords with the high search volume and very low average CPC. By creating campaigns for this type of keywords you can get more clicks by spending less amount.

google ppc keywords

3. Target Audience:

Target the custom audience set who are really in need of your service or products. Using Google Adwords you can target the audience based on age, gender, location. time, etc. Have a clear idea about the target audience to get more quality clicks to your business website rather than spending amount for the irreleant target audience set.

4. Ad Creation:

Create an Ad in the manner that it should tempt the user to click on it and visit your site. Add more site links in the ad. Also, try to highlight the unique feature of your business services or products in the Ads. Create an Ad in the way that people should click on it and avail business services from you. Add a clear call to action in the Ad to make the user to easily contact you.

google ppc

5. Improve the quality score:

The quality score indicates the relevancy of the keywords, Ads and the landing page. The high-quality score will reduce the CPC (Cost Per Click) of the Ads. Thus to get more clicks at low CPC improve the quality score of the Ads. The landing page also plays the main role in the quality score. The Landing page should contain the content that is relevant to the keyword and the Ad. Add some elements like contact form on the landing page to help the users to easily get in touch with you.

These are some of the simple tips to build a successful ad campaign from the scratch. As a business people, it is practically impossible to create and monitor the campaigns. Hence you can avail PPC Services from the best digital marketing company or you can hire a PPC Consultant for your business. Get more leads for your business by using the Google Adwords.