Simple Ways to Convert Potential SEO Clients into Regular Clients


When you decide to start an SEO business, you need to understand from the outset that finding big clients is not going to be easy. You may have to go through a lot of hassle and provide many explanations as to why SEO will prove beneficial to a business. Here’s a bit about landing good SEO clients that might help.

how to manage seo clientsStart Engaging More in Forums

Don’t underestimate the benefit of engaging with your prospective clients anywhere possible. Starting in forums is always going to be a great idea. If you play your cards right, engaging in forums can be one of the best ways to build reputation for your company. Consider putting your money on niche-related forums to get brand recognition from the audience that matters most.

Sometimes, it helps to participate in question platforms such as those on Reddit, Yahoo Answers, Quora and Facebook Questions. Being active on these platforms means you will eventually come across people who need help with search engine optimization. Although it is not a good idea to pitch your SEO services directly – people don’t like to be sold, you can be a helpful person with answers to questions anytime. Later, you could become the person they turn to for solutions to problems. So, answer their questions and let them figure they should hire you to do their SEO work.

Attract Clients with Freebies

Offering something free of cost is always a great way of grabbing your potential clients’ attention. The idea is to find someone who may be interested in SEO and then interact with them on a more intimate level to eventually turn them into clients. You can use this opportunity to show your prospective clients how skilled you really are and you’re a result-oriented individual. For starters, consider offering a free-of-charge SEO audit.

Try to be an Educator

Instead of a salesperson trying to sell services, try to come across more as an educator helping business owners understand how SEO can help their business grow. Explain the benefits of optimizing sites without it sounding like a pitch.

manage seo clientsAt the same time, you educate yourself on the latest trends and new metrics being employed by Google and other search engines. You need to hone your skills and stand out of the crowd to be able to pull the most number of clients your way. Even if they don’t really understand what it is you are offering, astute business people can easily spot sales waffle lacking in real info. Do your research and keep very up to date about the latest techniques and tools that really help get better results from SEO campaigns. 

It is also a good idea to start your mailing list where you can educate your prospective clients. You can also be on social media and present yourself as an authority on SEO and related concepts.

Be Prepared to Break Down SEO for Your Clients

Understand that explaining why SEO can be of great importance for even non-SEO business owners is going to be tricky. So, be prepared to give a demo and explain how automating SEO processes can help their businesses. You should conduct some research and explain everything in your client’s language to connect in a better way.

Remember, you will have to invest time and effort to find prospective clients and then turn them into trusted clients by connecting with them. You can also try techniques explained on sites like, to have a better idea about identifying big SEO clients.