Carousel Ads in Instagram


About Carousel Ads:

Carousel ads are an ad format that includes many product images or videos in the single ad unit. The users can have communication with the specific products.

Instagram Carousel ad:

It has been a year since Instagram brought ads in the stories. Here, you can create an AD using a single image in a single ad unit. Today there are more than 300 million Instagram users and more business owners also get benefited by Instagram ads.

Now the Instagram has announced a new feature in ad format called carousel ads on Instagram stories. Similar to the Instagram stories posted by any of your contacts, carousel ad format will display several pieces of media(Photos or Videos) on the Instagram stories. Users can tap, swipe or pause the content and can view all the products or services offered. Earlier, an advertiser is limited to use only one photo or video. Now an advertiser can use three type of same media(photos and videos) or a mixture of both.

This feature helps advertisers to tell their story in a detailed way. They can show all their products or services to users by using a photo slideshow. If it is a video AD, that can be shown in three different parts, which completely tells the story.

Also, Instagram says, it has to read how the users and brands are engaged with the AD unit.  Until then, the Carousel AD’s are worked for a limited group of advertisers. Advertisers have to wait until the carousel ads are widely distributed.