Smart Tips To Building Links To A Brand New Website

link building for brand new website

The top-ranking factor is links alongside great content for search engines like Google. It’s tough to rank without links. Links should be a top priority for a brand new website. When starting to build links for your new site, you may find link building challenging. However, the case can be different as there are smart and simple tips that can help you build links to your new website at ease. They include:

Great content 

Creating evergreen content for your new website is a great idea. Check what is already there improve it. You can also extend your research and look for what’s not covered yet and create something. Although you can buy links to any content, it’s hard to build useful links with low-quality content. You’ll remain behind without relevant and exciting content.

build backlinksSocial links 

A brand new website takes time to attract a useful following. Thus you have to start as soon as possible. If you wish to have your articles shared on social sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It’s essential to include the sharing buttons for that purpose. This will increase your audience, improving the visibility of your website.

Be active on Quora

Quora is one of the most significant platforms you can use to start creating your authority in your focus area. It’s also a good source of getting ideas for new content. Answer as many questions as you can to showcase your prowess in the area, and people will visit your profile, where you have the link to your website, and they will click it for more information.

Add a unique type of content 

In addition to text pieces, you can use different types of material such as video and graphic illustrations. The visual elements will help your website stand out more. For instance, you can use drawings to illustrated exercise, and your audience will appreciate that. This sells and leads to more links.


Interview other professionals in your site. Research on the previous discussions they have had and have new questions for then to create unique content.

Although you’ll not get links from the person, you interviewed you’ll get more social love that can sometimes lead to link.


Start by listing your website in some of the reputable online directories. Then join groups of professionals in your town. Networking increases business opportunities and it might lead to links as well.

how to build links for a new website

Competitor links 

Look out for new links in your competitor’s website, and you might find an excellent opportunity to link your site.

Guest posts 

You can buy guest posts on authoritative websites. Your profile is displayed either on top or at the bottom of the post. This is an ideal way of building links as you get significant traffic and new clients.

The fact is, link building doesn’t happen overnight. Avoid short cuts and try to get as many legit links as quick as you can. Do it right from the beginning, and your efforts will pay in the future.