Building Backlinks: Do’s And Don’ts

link building tips and strategies

Backlinks are the main factor when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Here let’s have a look at some spam links and the ways to ignore them. Google’s recent algorithm update states that rankings on the SERP improve not based on the number of links, it’s fully based on the quality and the authority of the site where the links are coming from.

link building tips and strategies

The hackers may try to get the links form the hacked site and the vulnerable site. Google treats monitors this action seriously and drops the sites from SERP with such spammy links. Another way which the people try to get backlinks is by invisible texts from many sites. In many sites, publishers just make the text color as like as the background color and make them invisible to the user’s eyes, but in the view of Google link will be pointing to the main site from that site. This is not the proper way of building links to the website to improve the ranks.

Next, the users will try to get links by paying. This is the fastest way of building links which won’t work effectively. Google boosts the site with the natural links which are built in an effective manner over a period of time. At the same time, Quality of the backlinks acts as the more important factor than the quantity.

backlink building tips

How to build quality links to the website?

Link building is the strategic manner by which you can increase the site authority gradually. Usually, natural link building will not have an immediate effect on your SEO, it will take some time to reflect back to the site. But its worth it. Build quality links to the site naturally by Infographic submission. Bookmarking, Directory submission, PPT/PDF Submission, Video Submission, Article submission, etc. These are the organic way of building links to your website from the online mediums.

link building tips

Thus as a business people either hire an SEO consultant for your business or avail the professional SEO services from the best digital marketing agency to get quality leads for your business by ranking the site in the top of the SERP.