Blogger to Influencer

Want to become an Influencer?

Then you should start a blog first of all.

Because creating your first website will get you started in the online world and it will offer you the opportunity to present yourself, your talents, hobbies, passions – whatever you want the world to know about – in your own way.

Many influencers mainly use their social media accounts like Instagram or Twitter to amass followers and communicate with them. However, your account’s content relies on their approval and we all know what happened with Donald Trump’s accounts after he lost the presidential elections in America.

When you build a website with an independent content management system and a domain that you have purchased and hosted in your own name with a web host of your choice then you are in charge and it could only be shut down by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and search engines can ban your website to appear, if it does not meet their guidelines.

How to start a Blog to become an Influencer?

How to grow a Blog to become an Influencer?

How to use a Blog as an Influencer?