Blog commenting tips for your SEO Strategy in 2016 to boost ranks


If you’ve done SEO or starting off as rank and bank guy/girl, your first method to get backlinks could be blog commenting techniques. Because it’s easy to go place a hyperlink on a blog on the comment section. However, does it work and how to it right? is something you must know well.

Google, knows, so many people does it with the intention to just get a link back to their website, that they want budge on the web. And the web masters knows that as well, so they may not even approve your comment. So you just ended up wasting time, doing that blog commenting to gain whatsoever advantage.

Watch the blow commenting tips that will tell you how to do it right.

SEO Blog Commenting for your SEO Strategy in 2016 by Logesh Kumar

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When I was starting off my first blog > I used to so much blog commenting, to get backlinks and that works well at that time on 2013-2014.

I used to rank for terms like “Freelance SEO consultant London” at top (Still Ranks #1 for OM HQ on but with much authentic manner) with just backlinks and get leads and grew my freelance SEO business, which become a SEO Agency in London – ClickDo Ltd. Now things have changed, even event bloggers struggle to rank with blog comments. The reason is, G has diluted the value of such comments that comes from a page that has so many outbound links, especially ton of other blog comments.

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If you read the above you surely will get some in depth strategies than commenting on other blogs!

How can do Blog comments help SEO?

seo-blog-commentingPlacing a link on some other blog surely helps, still to date we do it. However it has to done right. Your goals should to be to place a comment on a blog with authority, Your comment should add value to that blog and it’s message. That was the webmaster approves it plus, you will most probably get traffic from that website.

There is good article by Neil Patel on his blog, where he talks about how he placing over 270 comments on other blogs helps him earn, gain traffic and the advantages. If you read that, you will realize, it’s not that the backlink that could pass on any juice, that matters, but the traffic that comes your way from that comment, is what’s important.

I’ve wrote an article in 2013, that drove me over 100 daily traffic to my personal blog, and you can see it here > How do blog comments help SEO and increase your website traffic?

**You can see the ton of comments, I’ve got to that article and still it drives a lot of traffic from the search engines every day.

Blog Commenting For SEO Explained

So now you see how the commenting techniques could help your search engine optimization this year and why it’s still a part of the ranking process.

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