Know About Different Types Of Bidding Strategies In Google Adwords That Suits For Your Business

google ppc bidding strategies

Google Adwords has different types of bidding strategies using which you can get more clicks for your business Ads. Adwords help you to run ads on the Google search engine and its partner sites by using different types of bidding strategies irrespective of your business size. As a business person, you can focus on different types of bids for getting clicks, impressions, conversions or views for video ads.

For Clicks – Search And Display Ads:

If your main goal is to take visitors to your website, then clicks are he good place to start with. Using the CPC (Cost Per Click) bidding strategy you need to pay for Google only if the user clicks on the ads to visit your website.

Two types of CPC bidding are,

  • Automated Bidding
  • Manual Bidding

Automated bidding is the simple thing in which you will set a daily budget in your Adwords account, then Google will adjust the CPC automatically to bring a maximum number of clicks to your Ads. In manual bidding strategy, you will have the full access to the bidding, you will allocate the bids at the ad group level to get more clicks for the Ad.

google ppc bidding

For Impressions:

In this strategy instead of paying for each click on the Ad, You will pay for the number of times your Ada are visible to the users. If you are targeting the customers only through the display network, then you can use the cost per thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) in which you will pay for every thousand times your ad is viewable.

Focus On Conversions: (For Search, Display & Shopping Ads):

google ppc conversion

This is the advanced method in which you will pay for Google if any conversion happens on your website. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is the bidding strategy that you can use for this type of campaigns. A conversion is a particular action that you want to see on your website. To use the CPA you must have the conversion tracking turned On.

Focus On Views: (For Video Ads)

If your main motive is to make the users engage with your video content, then you can use the strategy CPV (Cost Per View) type. In this type, you will pay Google for any video interactions, such as clicks on the Call to action overlay, etc.

google ppc video ads

These are some of the Google Adword bidding strategies using which you can gain more traffic to your business website, Thereby getting more leads or conversions to the website. Being a startup or a big business giant, everyone needs the Online marketing services to promote the business online. PPC Consultants will research your business industry, identify the potential search terms, will create campaigns for the search terms based on many factors and also will closely monitor the campaigns to get more leads for your business by spending the less amount.