7 Expert Tips To Grow Facebook Followers In 2022


With TikTok and Instagram pulling a considerable following, one might think that Facebook stats would take a hit. But it turns out that Facebook is not going anywhere anytime soon, especially after announcing the Metaverse venture.

And this stability makes it one of the best marketing platforms for your brand. If you want to know how you can get even more social media followers in 2022, here are the strategies you should adopt.

1. Create Value

create-value-as-expert-tip-to-grow-facebook-followersSocial media is one of the best PR and content marketing platforms in this digital age. But that’s where some users go wrong. They post incessantly, wondering why nobody seems to like, share, or follow their page. But have you given any thought to what you share? People react and respond to outstanding and engaging content.

If they like what you have to say, they are more inclined to stick around for more. And that feeds your inbound marketing strategy, sales funnel, and whatnot. So, what value can you offer your viewers? Start there and work from that to curate a page to attract more followers.

2. Feed Illusions

feed-illusions-as-expert-tip-to-grow-facebook-followersSocial media is the world of illusions – you can be anything you want to be on social media. Of course, some people take this too far and go on to spin webs of lies. That’s not what we mean. Instead, the illusion you want to create is that you have followers. Did you know that you can buy high-quality Facebook followers? It gives off the notion that your content has enough value to attract a following.

And because of this, you should witness more organic growth. But should you really buy followers? Yes- it’s much harder to foster real organic growth nowadays because users have so much to choose from – the only way to stand out is by creating hype. And that’s what these followers will do for your page.

3. Embrace Consistency

expert-tip-to-grow-facebook-followers-is-embrace-consistencyWhat do you do when you come across an interesting page? If you are like most people, you take that follow button seriously – it is a commitment, and you want to ensure that the other party will hold up their end of the deal. And how can you do this? By looking at how often they post.

You see, a page with nice valuable content once a month will not do as well as one with up to three interesting posts a week. Users value consistency and want to deal with brands that do too. So, find a way to remain consistent without compromising on your content’s value.

4. Curate a Content Calendar

curate-a-content-calendar-as-expert-tip-to-grow-facebook-followersAny brand manager will tell you how hard it is to develop fresh content every day. And if you are solely responsible for posting on your page, it might be impossible to keep up with the demands. Who knows? Your systems could fail, you could fall sick, the list goes on. But your followers will not understand this kind of flaky behaviour – it will put them off, and some will not be shy to unfollow you.

So, how can you stay ahead of the curve? – Scheduling your content! Come up with valuable posts you want to share with your followers and decide when each will go up. Ideally, you should plan your content a month in advance. And finish it off with social media automation. So, even if you can’t get to your phone on time, the post will still go up. Your only role will be to interact with the comments and likes, making work easier for you.

Keep in mind that some events will fall outside your schedule. For example, a world event could trigger a trend you had not previously thought about. Don’t worry about such incidents – be flexible enough to include more posts to align with what’s popular at the moment.

5. Pay for Ads

pay-for-ads-as-expert-tip-to-grow-facebook-followersAre you selling something? Do you want to cater to a specific demographic? That’s what paid ads to allow you to do. Whether you are promoting a product or a website, these ads allow you to carve out your demographics based on age, interests, gender, location, etc. And they come with an array of PR and marketing advantages, including:

  • Scalability- You can adjust them as you see fit. If you want to reach a small number of people, that works. And when you want to go viral, that option is also available.
  • Affordability: You can run your ads from as low as one dollar a day yet still reach enough people to make a difference. It allows you to also remain within your budget.

Did we mention that you can also target people using such ads? It makes it easier to focus your attention on a particular demographic. For example, if you want to sell a workout program to people aged 40 to 50, that can be your focus.

6. Give Away Free Stuff

expert-tip-to-grow-facebook-followers-is-give-away-free-stuffWho turns away free stuff? Of course, the terms attached to the gift must be fair. You can’t be offering a $100 gift card in exchange for a follower to get you 1,000 followers. The deal must be a win-win situation. And here’s how most successful brands do it:

  • Determine the product your followers would like most from you. Here’s an example: A photographer can offer a free photoshoot to their followers.
  • Set out the terms of the offer: Usually, this amounts to followers liking and commenting on the post and tagging their friends in it. The number of friends should not be too high –three tags should be adequate.
  • Use a random number generator software to generate the winner’s name and announce it to your followers.

Even if only one person gets the gift, you will have created awareness about your page. And if you are still posting valuable content regularly, you will win followers that way.

7. Go Live

go-live-as-expert-tip-to-grow-facebook-followersThe idea of putting yourself out there might be a bit intimidating. But it works great. Find a topic your followers enjoy, let them know when you will go live on your social media channel via your video stream, and hit that live button. Of course, it takes a while to build an audience. So, don’t fret when the numbers don’t come rolling in!

Finally, be patient. Pages with massive followings also had to accomplish the baby steps we have laid out in this article. Keep going, and one day, you will look back and see just how far you have come with a huge fanbase of thousands of followers.