Top 6 Alternative Search Engines To Google That You Should Know for Ethical SEO


Google is the biggest search engine giant of our time with 5 billion search queries daily, there’s no doubt about that. Here we discuss the best ethical alternative search engines to Google.

However, recently it has come under fire for data privacy concerns and forcing all its employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine or dismissal will follow.

It is for these and other reasons that search engine users, as well as SEO bloggers and consultants, may look for alternatives and there are plenty.

Many search engines that arose after Google is focusing on contributing more to the community by donating or investing a part of their revenue to charitable work related to different causes.

It is therefore time we familiarize ourselves with additional search engine options that not only provide the users with the security and privacy that they deserve but at the same time contribute to a good cause.

These top 6 rising search engine alternatives to Google may not yet have the search query volumes that Google has, but they use their revenue that mostly derives from advertising and visitor engagement differently as you will see.

For top SEO agencies or consultants, it is important to monitor other search platforms for a more diversified SEO competence.

Check them out for either your personal or professional use so you know where else websites can be advertised besides on Google.

1. GoodSearch Search Engine

GoodSearch Search EngineThe innovative concept behind GoodSearch to be found via is a site in the Groupon voucher style that allows users to browse discounts on everything they look for.

The search engine provides a collection of retailers to choose from when you want to shop but still want to save some cash. The search engine includes retailers like Abercrombie and Fitch, Barnes and Noble, Dell, and buybuy Baby.

GoodSearch donates 50% of its revenue to philanthropic and environmental causes. They have more than 110,000 retail partners. This search engine not only gives people the joy of shopping but also the satisfaction that their money will go back to the community.

2. Ecosia Search Engine

Ecosia Search EngineThis Germany-based search engine plants trees with every search. It works as an extension of Google Chrome, and thus it can be installed and used very easily as its interface is very similar. Ecosia’s mission is to plant more than a billion trees all over the world, and they do so by raising funds through advertising revenues.

Ecosia comes with paid advertisement links, and when you click on one, they receive the payment. The search engine makes it easy to plant trees in places like Madagascar where native vegetation and land have suffered an extreme level of deforestation in the past years due to the trade of palm oil. This site is used by around 16 million people monthly, so not to underestimate in terms of its reach. Ecosia values transparency by making its financial reports public, providing evidence that the revenue is being used as promised.

3. Search Scene Search Engine

Search Scene Search EngineThis Charitable Search Engine donates 95% of its profits from ads to humanitarian and environmental charities that fight the causes and effects of climate change. Users can choose which of their nominated charities they would like to support via this search engine.

A special feature is that every time you refresh your search you get to see stunning scenery, hence the name “SearchScene”. When users conduct a search, they get the baseline search results from Microsoft Bing and their own knowledge panels, instant answers, and widgets.

Search Scene is a charitable search engine that provides actual, traceable receipts for all its donations and their knowledge panels are often split into tabs that break down a search into different subtopics for a better organized search.

4. Ekoru Search Engine

Ekoru Search EngineThis search engine donates its revenue to partner organizations involved in ocean clean-ups. The technology that they use is powered by hydroelectricity, and hence, every search made by an individual will be eco-friendly. The company donates 60% of revenue generated from clicks on sponsored search results to environmental causes.

Every search initiated by a user will help the organization clean the oceans mainly from plastic pollution. Each month, Ekoru raises money for a new environmental or social cause that is highlighted for the users.

Using this search engine is simple, you do not have to learn anything new to use it. You just surf the internet in the same way as with Google, but you will be able to contribute to saving marine life and contributing to the conservation of our environment.

5. DuckDuckGo Search Engine

DuckDuckGo Search EngineThis search engine is mostly known for its free all-in-one privacy solution where users’ activities are not tracked. The founders truly care about privacy rights and donate to organizations across the globe that support better privacy and digital rights.

What you may not know about DuckDuckGo is that it is also committed to being carbon negative by offsetting 125% of its full scope emissions. With the credits they earn they fund renewable energy projects such as biomass generators, wind farms, and hydroelectric power in selected countries to deliver cleaner and more self-reliant energy to small rural villages.

This search engine is growing at a fast pace, becoming a popular choice with over 100 million search queries per day.

 6. Rapusia Search Engine

Rapusia Search EngineAfter clicking on this search engine, you will see the message, “let’s help the planet”. This search engine donates about 50% of the revenue that they earn from advertising to social projects.

Every time someone searches, they earn a heart, and once one has enough hearts, they are asked to use them for charity. Rapusia users can choose from six different charities including environment, assisting children in need, protecting animals, etc. User privacy is protected by the search engine and the search data is not stored.

Final Verdict

For anyone interested in SEO, Google will remain the search engine with the biggest marketplace for a while. However, these emerging search engines continue to attract more users and should therefore not be dismissed, especially as they adapt to different search engine models that serve the wider community and not just one enterprise. As users become more socially conscious and responsible consumers, the listed search engine alternatives to Google may be the next big thing a few years down the line.