Benefits of PPC Advertising Over SEO

ppc consultant

PPC Advertising:

Pay Per Click is the online advertising service offered by Google for business people to get more leads from Google Search Engine. Business people need to pay for Google if the user visits their website by clicking on the ads from the search engine. The business people need not pay for impressions, they need to pay only if the user clicks on the ad. The CPC (Cost Per Click) may vary based on the competitors bidding for the particular keyword in the specific domain.

Organic SEO:

SEO is the technique of organically ranking the domain or website in the top search results of Google’s SERP for the user searched query. The turn around time of SEO is very high when compared to the Google PPC. The number of conversions from SEO is also quite less when compared with Google Adwords. As the top results in the search engine results page are covered with ads, the user is tempted to click on the ads, then on the organic search results. But ranking a website organically top in Google will increase the quality score for Adwords.


Advantages of PPC over SEO:

Using Pay Per Click services number of quality conversions can be generated in a quick time. Using PPC the audience can be targetted specifically based on age, gender, demographics, etc. In PPC the business people need to pay only if the user clicks on the ads. The spent on the ads can be controlled by setting the budget limit and bid rate. In PPC the conversion rate is high when compared to Organic SEO. As the organic search results are displayed below the ads, the possibility of the user to scroll down the ads and click on the organic search results is very less. But the organic ranks will help in improving the quality score of the ad in PPC.


PPC Consultant Roles:

ppc consultant ukThe PPC consultant will involve in activities like analyzing the competitor’s domain and setting the adword campaign in a perfect way to generate more leads at the low cost per click. By the good quality score, the possibility of getting more clicks at the low cost per click is very high. The PPC consultants will take charge of previewing the current campaigns and finding the potential ways to optimising the campaigns for getting more conversions at low CPC . PPC Consultants will also find the potential audience to target, for the specific product or service.


ppc consultant

PPC Consultant is must for all businesses. Every small business needs to be showcased in online mediums to get the better conversions. Getting the domain or website in the top of the search results organically or through Google PPC will help in getting more quality conversions to the business. On using Google Pay Per Click service, the ROI for the business will be very high. On Comparing to Organic SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Paid Google Pay Per Click will bring more conversions to the business at very quick time.