How Digital Marketing is Balanced between Google and Facebook


Today, Digital marketing is balanced between the tech Giant’s like Google and Facebook. We cannot precisely say that one size fit’s it all. But, it depends on what niche you are trying to work on as well as how “defined” your audience is identified. On the other hand, most of the business (B2C) works on a balance between Google and Facebook.

Let’s assume a scenario, a user is in need of a particular product (or) service. He will definitely search for it on the internet. Say, he search for “seo agency in london”. If your business website is strong enough (Like ClickDo Website) and has a state of the art coding quality, it should rank #1 for the relevant / competitive search term.

Once the user clicks from the SERP to the business website, we coin it as inward traffic. With this inward traffic, the user should be able to take action on the website (like Viewing a Key page). On the other hand, usage of Social Media will help the business owner to re-target the customer by tracking the user on the website with the help of codes like:

  • Facebook Pixel Code
  • Google Analytics Re-marketing Setup

How Re-Marketing Codes work?

Re-marketing is a technique through which the activity of a user on a website can be tracked and we can promote the content that we expect the user to take action on!

How to Setup?

You should have access to your website to change codes and you should have a basic understanding about how “codes work”.

  1. Create a Business Account on Facebook
  2. Create a Facebook Pixel
  3. Insert the Pixel Code on your website
  4. Verify Tracking by Pixel Assistant

For Google Remarketing, you should enable remarketing on Google Analytics and create a Audience List. All done!

Need professional support?

Get in touch with our Experts and we will help you with the implementation of remarketing for your business website.