Application Advertising – What is Google Admob & How Does It Work?

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What is Google Admob?

Admob is the advertising platform developed by Google for promoting and monetizing the mobile applications. Google Admob allows the application developers to promote their applications by using the in-app advertising. Also, you can get the insights about this in the Google Analytics as well. Admob is available for both the Android and the IOS platforms. Your Admob account connects with your Adwords account to distribute your Ads for Android, IOS or in other gaming applications.

How Google Admob works?

By connecting the Admob with the Adwords you can create the mobile app install campaigns. By this campaign, you can make more people to download your application. The unique feature in the Admob application is Admob mediation. This will help you to create the own house Ad campaigns (campaigns that serve ads to your app using your own inventory, free of charge).

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How to track the Google Admob Campaigns?

As an advertiser, you can easily track the Admob campaigns by tracking each install as conversions. You can integrate the Admob with Google Analytics which allows you to analyze all the metrics like user acquisition, engagement, revenue, screen views, sessions, app version, screen size and many more.

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Why Google Admob?

Admob is the platform which brings best in class technology on a single platform. By using this you can gain insights about the users and also gain more revenue by using this platform. By using this platform you can grow your business with the trusted partner, monetize smarter, easy automation and also you can easily understand your users as well.

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Thus as an application developer, you can use the Admob to gain more installs to your app and build the brand online. As an application developer, you can hire an Adwords expert or avail Adwords services from the best digital marketing company to get more installs for your application in online. Admob will also help you to track the performance of the campaigns as well by integrating them with the Google Analytics.