Anchor Text – Crunchy Tips To Improve The SEO

How to use anchors to improve SEO

Well, Search Engine Optimization is not any wonder or magic unless you learn the game. Are you thinking about how this Google search works and what can you do to rank your website on SERP? Here are some simple tips on backlinking which may help you to gain some knowledge on SEO.

How to use anchors to improve SEO

Backlinking in SEO:

When it comes to backlinking, you should try to give links from diverse of high authority domains. Google has become smarter and started analyzing the quality of links rather than the quantity. To improve the ranks on the SERP try to give more natural links to the website. Suppose if you try to link your website from any article publishing sites like Medium. Give some reference links to other sites as well like Wikipedia, in addition to your site. In the view of Google, this will look very natural and will help in rank boost.

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Aware of Anchors:

When you are giving links to your site from various domains, be aware of the backlinks which you are using. As this has the huge role to play in improving the rankings. Don’t give links with the direct target keyword. Give more importance to the naked URL’s and try linking to your site with the naked URL’s. In a recent study, it is found that the web pages with the 70% of backlinks with the naked URL’s tend to rank on the first page of SERP. Next to this, give links to the website with the brand name, 15% to 20% of the backlinks to the website should be on the brand name for better rankings. Remaining 10% to 15% of the backlinks may be from different anchors like long tail keywords, etc.

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Thus as a business owner trying to rank your website, you may hire an SEO consultant or avail the professional SEO services from the best digital marketing company to optimize the website for the better rankings.