Know Which Google Adwords Campaign Type Is Best For Your Business


Using Pay Per Click services you can target the potential customers for your business in a quick period of time. Google Adwords is the online marketing platform developed by Google to help the business people to promote the business. In Google PPC, there are many campaign types in which you can choose the best one that suits well for your business. The campaign types in Google Adwords are,

  1. Search Network
  2. Display Network
  3. Shopping Network
  4. Video Network
  5. App Network

Search Network:

google adwords campaignSearch network is the type in which your ad will appear next to the Google search bar or along the sides of the search engines results page based on the user searched query. When you want to target the audience who is searching for the related terms in Google search, then you can choose search network type. If your target the search partners in the search ad type, then your ad will also appear on other partner sites like Amazon, AOL, etc.

Display Network:

The display network consists of millions of sites like new sites, blogs, other websites which accept text ads, video ads and banner ads from the Google Adwords. When you need brand awareness instead of conversions, you can try display network by showing banner ads in the display networks. The display network will show your ads on all relevant sites. you can use display network type to create either text ads or image ads or rich media ads containing videos.

Shopping Network:

google adwordIf you are owning a shop instead of providing services. You can use the shopping network type to sale more products online. Google shopping will help you in getting more sales. Your shopping ad s will appear when the user searches for the product and also when the normal google search triggers the Google shopping results. In the shopping ads, Google allows you to give only the image, price and name of the product.

Video Network:

adwords campaignThe video ads are similar to the commercial TV ads, but the difference is that for TV ads you need to pay each time when the ad is played, but in case of video ad in youtube you will pay based on Pay Per View model. In pay per view model, you will be charged only if the user watches the video fully. The video network will make your videos to play in the pre-rolls of youtube videos, this will also have the skip option. If the user skips the video without watching then you will not be charged. The user can visit your website by simply clicking on the video.

App Network:

Google AdwordsIf you have developed an app and you need lots of users to download it. Then you can go for app network model. The ads are displayed only on smartphones, tablets, etc. When the user clicks on the ad, they will be directed to the appropriate site or play store to download that app.In Modern days, you can use the technique of Google Pay Per Click (PPC) services to target the potential audience and get more conversion to your business.