How Ad Extensions Help You In Getting More Clicks For The Ads?

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What are Ad Extensions in Google Adwords?

Ad Extensions in the Adwords are the extra snippets which can be added as additional elements in the text Ads to give more information about your Business to the search audience set. These can include your business location, phone number, business ratings or any other.

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Types Of Ad Extensions in Google Adwords:

By using the site links option, you can add more relevant information to your business Ads and make the users click on your Ads.

Site Links:

By using this option, you can link to the specific page of your site with the specific anchor text based on the Ads.

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By using the location extension, you can show up your Business location by connecting with the Google My Business Account.


By using this extension, you can add the business phone number directly to your Ad, by clicking which the users can directly call you for availing your services.


The app extension will link help you link you to any app that you may have to offer for the users.

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By using this extension you can add a line of review about your products or services from the third party sites. By using this extension, the reviews will appear in your ad.

Does Ad Extensions Improve the Quality Score of the Ad:

Adding more extensions will help to increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your Ad. Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads. It is used to determine your cost per click (CPC) and multiplied by your maximum bid to determine your ad rank in the ad auction process.

How Ad Extensions Help You To Increase the CTR?

Click through rate (CTR) is the number of times that the users have clicked on your Ad to that of the number of times that the Ad has appeared in the search engine. Having more extensions in the Ads will make the user click on the Ad by creating a trust about your business in their mind.

Hence by using the Google Adwords, you can get more clicks on the business website by properly structuring the campaigns based on the keywords. As a business people hire a PPC Consultant for your business or avail services from the best PPC Advertising company in the city to setup the best performing campaigns for you.