9 Tips For Better Mobile SEO

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“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.”

George Westerman | Principal Research Scientist with the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy

The Better Mobile SEO

It’s been recently proven in a survey that more than 50% percent of the internet traffic is because of the internet surfing on mobile devices. So if a site owner or blogger who has achieved a high-rank SEO on Desktops (computers, laptops) thinks that he could do the same when it comes to Mobile SEO, then think twice or more than that my friend…..You can be wrong…very wrong!

For years the bloggers have been using the same techniques which they have used with Desktop SEO, which is not considered to be right on their path.

Are you realizing what you have been doing wrong? And what is there that you should do…let’s find out!

1. Say Hi to Responsive Websites

Suppose you have a car which can convert into a joint family car, a nuclear family car or a car for only you! How great would that be? isn’t it?

Well, the responsive website works for you the same way, it will perform accordingly irrespective of the size of the screen.

Such a feature will improve mobile view score of your website helping in better mobile rankings.

2. The ‘Near Me’ Factor

One thing which I have come across while doing research about this is that most of the ‘near me or nearby’ searches are done through phones, so it is very necessary for you to optimize your site with Localization.

How to achieve localization?

Just get your pictures uploaded, add customer reviews, nothing more than audience opinion is better to attract the audience.

A local SEO agency can provide better results for this particular improvement.


In today’s era the easiest yet the most difficult job is to attract people towards your website, but for an Influencer, it’s not!

Use of social media for a purpose like that is something one can do …..Be the influencer not with a million of followers but a million of listeners or readers. Spread a word about your website.

4. Use of Tags

Tags play a very important role from publicizing an Instagram post to getting a higher rank for your mobile SEO one can achieve a lot of attention with the use of tags, categorizing your content makes it easier for the people to of anything of their need.

Title tags, snippets, URLs and Alt Tags are just as significant as your content. So it’s better not to ignore them.

5. Use of ‘Description’ Meta Tag

There is a saying ‘Never judge a Book with its cover’, well most of the times people do the exact opposite. ‘THEY JUDGE’ and the same goes for SEO. When finding anything on Google search the first thing which most people do is to read the Meta Description.

Though it’s not always that the Meta description provided by you is used in fact sometimes when Google find something more appropriate from the content, it presents that.

Still, you never know what Google can do. After all its Google.

6. The Custom 404 Page

If something goes wrong with a show you have been hosting and if you have to tell the audience that the show is cancelled the basic idea of not eating the tomatoes thrown by them is to ask them politely to leave. This way you will be assured that they might come back to you again without getting angry.

This is the way you need to maintain the audience of your website as well.

Create a custom 404 page, to convey the message that the particular site is presently inaccessible and asking those to find help from another site.

Nice way to show the way out …..Isn’t it?

7. Say No to Pop-ups!

It’s true that pop-up some under a good marketing technique in the desktop world but they are not so welcome in the Mobile search world.

I can bet most of the times when a pop-up link comes in mobile 9 out of 10 people switch the site mostly because of the warnings given by their phones. So the website owners thinking to earn through the pop-up marketing technique should re-think before adopting such a plan for a Responsive Website.

8. Ever Tried AMP, Try Now!

One problem which is seen in every third website is its speed. The speed factor plays a vital role when ranking a website. Nobody will wait for more than 3 seconds for the site to open and give you what you need, no one has this much vacant time because TIME IS MONEY.

So if you don’t want your site to be abandoned by the users then it’s high time you should start thinking something about it.

Try AMP, this could change the scenario for your website.

9. Image Optimization

Obviously, your website is supposed to have pictures, whether there are any videos or GIFs or not but you should at least decorate your content with the attractive pictures. But there is a problem when posting any picture, it might take a lot of time for the user to load these pictures due to their huge file sizes.

So what needs to be done to save the precious time of your user?

Use smaller file sizes. If the pictures are too big then convert them into JPG. This will reduce the page size and hence the page will take less time to load.

Final Words for Better Mobile SEO

So that’s it we are done for the day… now go and try these success mantras or else anybody else will! If you are thinking that this would 100% increase your rankings for the Mobile SEO then you are highly mistaken.

Because someone said that “I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.” No …absolutely not, I am not referring to go opposite of my advice but I would suggest you with these tips and your genius mind for you and your website’s success.

Still, the coolest way would be to follow my advice ……

Anyways you are already the smart one here.