2018 Google SEO Ranking Factors That Are Vital For First Page Top Ranks


In 2018, SEO Analysts became more active and started working on the latest updates of Google to make sure that their ranks never drop in Search results. Google has exposed their top three ranking signals, which they use to analyze the web pages and produce better search results for the users.

Top 3 Signals To Improve Rankings In Google

When it comes to search results Google uses RankBrain Algorithm to provide the users with the more relevant search results. RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system by Google, It helps Google to process search results and provide more relevant search results for users. Google uses this AI system as a primary factor to rank the web pages based on the user’s query.

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CTR & Bounce Rate Really Matter?

Yes, though Google has gone far in optimizing the algorithm for relevant results. They use the Click Through Rate as one of the main signal, that is more the number of times the user clicks your website when it appears on the search, then more the authority you will gain on the web. Apparently, Bounce rate will make your ranks to drop in the Search results. In the view of Google, High bounce rate means that your webpage is not relevant one for the users. hence Google will look forward to pushing them back in the search results.

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Social Mentions works well or not?

Google uses the social media signal as one of their ranking factors as well. More your website is familiar on the social media’s. Then in the view of Google, it means that your brand is familiar among the users and has qualified enough to be shown in the search results. Social Media mentions and shares of your brand will help your website to budge the ranks to the top.

Content & Links:

Anyway, how many updates the Google may give. the base remains the same. Website with the fresh content updates and the quality backlinks remains the core for improving the rankings in the SERP. As a business lead, you should update the website with the quality content regularly and also should keep an eye on the backlinks as well.

google ranking factors 2018

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