10 of the Best Strategies to Research for the Right Keyword

keyword research in seo

As an inbound marketer, I’m pretty sure that you are already used to the various algorithms from Google that keep you updated on matters to do with the optimization of your website search. In all that, there is one particular thing that has remained consistent since time immemorial- keyword research.

Keyword research is the process when you use keywords to research on actual searches that people key in their websites. After gaining such knowledge, you will be in a better position to create more content splashed up with these keywords. In the end, you will achieve a better marketing strategy for your business. By now, you should already know that some of the SEO strategies are outdated and will, therefore, give you poor results that may never bear fruits for your website. Nevertheless, here are the modern strategies to research for the right keyword.

1. Use ‘searches related to’ section

One of the best ways to get quick and sure results is using that section in Google’s search results. This is a place where Google suggests all the relevant keywords that have been searched by other people in recent times.  Google is, therefore, communicating that millions of people use those searches.

2. Use Google and YouTube Suggest

Once you have the words you want to search, enter them to find a list of keywords that Google wants you to discover. This is because Google will never suggest something that few people search. In addition to this, get to Youtube suggest getting an additional list. Once you compile this, you will have a good idea of what the public expect from you.

3. Wikipedia Table of Contents

Many people tend to overlook Wikipedia, yet it is a haven for keywords. Once you key in your topic, Wikipedia will take you to the ‘content’ section page where you will find a list of subtopics covered in your search.  The list of all the subtopics is keywords to what you might incorporate in your content.

keyword research seo tips

4. Brainstorm topics on your own

If your area of research is related to a particular field like digital marketing, you should always sit down and list some items that your target customer might be interested in. However, you should note that these are not keywords but broad topics which can be used trim down to specific keywords.

5. Use forums

This is having active forums at any time of the day, to find out where your audience hangs out most. You could type a keyword forum(s) or board. The results give you a list of potential keywords that you might add to your content.

Use the best tools

Some of the best tools you can use include;

6. Use Reddit

You will always find a significant probability that most of your clients pop in at Reddit. With this kind of information, you might as well stalk them there to see the topics they search most. Additionally, you should find sections that have a lot of likes and comments to have a better idea.

7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest will not only give you the right keywords used but also other information like CPC and volume.

tips for keyword research in seo

8. Google Keyword Planner

This is one of the most recommendable methods to get keywords online. The main reason behind this is because most of the keywords are obtained directly from Google. The planner is mostly used to help people in their Google ad campaign, thus appear to be more accurate.

9. Ahrefs

Ahrefs are commonly used by people as a link building tool. Moreover, you can use the same tool to get valuable keywords that come hand in hand with relevant data. In the end, you are left to decide on the best keywords to choose based on the data.

10. SEMrush

Besides having most of the tools as free, you could still opt for a paid one-SEMrush. This is due to its time-saving nature. Once you search something, the tool will give you a list of exact keywords that are highly ranked by search engines.


Keyword research is one of the most valuable activities that will give you high returns in the marketing field. Once you get ranked based on your keywords, you are going to either break or boost your ranking. You should, therefore, use the above strategies to research for better keywords.